Pain Control

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1. Whole Patient Pain Assessment

2. Recognising Common Pain Patterns

3. Basic Principles for Pain Control

4. Treatment Guideline for Cancer Pain

5. Troubleshooting Difficult Pain

6. Approximate Opioid Equivalents

7. North of England cancer network approximate opioid equivalents

8. Oxycodone Information Leaflet

9. Hydromorphone Information Leaflet

10. Fentanyl Prescribing Information

11. Fentanyl In Dying Patients

12. Morphine or diamorphine prescribing at the end of life

13. Morphine information leaflet for patients

14. Morphine Prescription Checklist

15. Simple Guidance on Prescribing S/C Morphine

16. Simple OOH Prescribing Guidance

17. Understanding Concept of Total Pain

18. SIGN Guidelines for control of pain in adults with cancer

19. Cumbria Just in Case Prescription sheet

Updated March 2011