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1. Primary Care

2. KITE Standards for primary care (North Cumbria)

3. Gold Standards framework for primary care

4. Prescribing guidelines (Lothian Joint formulary for North Cumbria)

5. North of England Cancer Network Symptom control guidelines - PDF file

6. South Cumbria and Lancashire Palliative Care Prescribing guidelines - PDF file

7. National guidelines

Updated March 2011

Important News

Important Changes in Cumbria Palliative Care Prescribing Practice

Cumbria is changing practice, from 1st April 2011.

The Area Prescribing Committee has recommended the following changes:

  • All strong opioids are to be prescribed by brand name
  • "Just in Case" prescribing is to be encouraged and promoted
  • Morphine is to replace diamorphine as the subcutaneous injectable strong opioid of choice for palliative care patients in Cumbria


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