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Checklist for the last few days of life at home

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Checklist Yes No
Has the patient's condition been discussed with the carers?    
Has the patient's medication been reviewed and non essential medication discontinued?    
Has appropriate medication been prescribed for pain, agitation, nausea/vomiting and excess secretions? (THE CORE FOUR)    
Has all inappropriate interventions been stopped?    
Is the patient nursed on a high dependency mattress and turned for comfort only?    
Is there a syringe driver available should it be required?    
Are out of hours medical and nursing services aware of the situation?    
Is the carer clear about what medication to give the patient and when?    
Is the carer clear about their role with other nursing care?    
Does the carer know who to contact if the patients symptoms are not controlled?    

Adapted from Checklist for the few last days of life with permission from Maureen Brown, Derwentside Primary Care Trust, Co. Durham.

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Important News

Important Changes in Cumbria Palliative Care Prescribing Practice

Cumbria is changing practice, from 1st April 2011.

The Area Prescribing Committee has recommended the following changes:

  • All strong opioids are to be prescribed by brand name
  • "Just in Case" prescribing is to be encouraged and promoted
  • Morphine is to replace diamorphine as the subcutaneous injectable strong opioid of choice for palliative care patients in Cumbria


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